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Crypt Dash – Download

25 Jun 2013 | Flash, Skill |  Comments Off on Crypt Dash – Download
Crypt Dash Crypt Dash – Flash Games Download – Overview
Someone woke up from some kind of coffin while all wrapped up like some kind of mummy inside some kind of crypt and does not look happy! Help this someone escape the crypt! Somehow this someone has infinite stamina, can run very fast and even dash for a short distance in the air! How incredible!

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Crypt Dash – Title Menu!
Crypt Dash
It seems like the mummy can only see using one eye as the other one is all wrapped up!

Crypt Dash – Intro!
Crypt Dash
From the choice of dialog it seems like this mummy is not a mummy to begin with!

Crypt Dash – Controls! 
Crypt Dash
Only two functions in this game! One for jumping and the other one for dashing! Easy, yes?

Crypt Dash – Dash! 
Crypt Dash
Air dash may be cool and fancy but try to save it for emergency usages!

Crypt Dash – Upgrades!
Crypt Dash
Buy various upgrades to run faster, jump further, dash better etc! More powerful!

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