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Coffee Shop – Download

13 Aug 2009 | Flash, Strategy | 10,288 views 14 comments
Coffee Shop Coffee Shop – Flash Games Download – Overview
Ever wanted to run your very own coffee shop? Now you can! Well, not exactly a real shop, but a virtual one, in this Coffee Shop strategy flash game. Buy raw ingredients such as cups, coffee, milk, sugar then mix them up accordingly, set a selling price and you are good to go!

Download Coffee Shop (File Size ~ 2.05 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: coffee-shop.zip

Coffee Shop – Title Menu
Coffee Shop
Simple looking menu with a yummy looking cup of coffee in the middle. Drooling yet?

Coffee Shop – Inventory!
Coffee Shop
Raw ingredients cost less if you buy them in more quantities. Milk will be spoiled if not used.

Coffee Shop – Action!
Coffee Shop
If you see lots of red colored chat bubbles, it means that your clients are not satisfied.

Coffee Shop – Profit!
Coffee Shop
You will know how well you performed at the end of the day. Best to finish all the milk.

Coffee Shop – Stats!
Coffee Shop
If you really feel like it, you can check out the stats too. Stats whore!

Deimos’s Daily Reads
No reads for today.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Nice graphics and interface, a good coffee shop simulation flash game.

Deimos Asks
Have you ever been to Star Bucks Coffee or Coffee Bean before? Do you find it expensive?


  1. 13th August 2009 
    2:38 pm         

    said the following:

    Thanks,I will download it.

  2. 13th August 2009 
    5:23 pm         

    said the following:

    looks like a cool game :D

  3. 13th August 2009 
    9:43 pm         

    said the following:

    nice game :) I will download it.

  4. 13th August 2009 
    10:54 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    Yes, many times. One way of looking at it is that it is expensive. Another way is to say that it offers value for money.

  5. 14th August 2009 
    12:04 am         

    said the following:

    I can’t think of a more boring game. I worked in a coffe shop for years and the thought of doing so in a game for fun makes me feel week :(

  6. 14th August 2009 
    11:29 am         

    used tires
    said the following:

    This was a challenging game for me, after Day 3 of selling coffee the game said I was in Bankruptcy! :(

    Till then,


  7. 15th August 2009 
    12:24 am         

    plasma tv stands
    said the following:

    nice game, needs fast hands hehe

  8. 17th August 2009 
    2:37 pm         

    said the following:

    And I liked the game a pretty kettle ..

  9. 18th August 2009 
    1:07 am         

    plasma tv stands
    said the following:

    hehehe my sister likes this one.

  10. 18th August 2009 
    1:35 am         

    said the following:

    Downloaded another great game.

  11. 18th August 2009 
    7:40 am         

    Love Graphics
    said the following:

    My wife would love this game, because she loved Diner Dash so much. She becomes addicted for hours. Thanks.

  12. 22nd August 2009 
    12:11 pm         

    Love Graphics
    said the following:

    My wife finally gave it a try and she kinda likes it, she likes tetris style games the most though.

  13. 23rd August 2009 
    1:13 am         

    used tires
    said the following:

    @Love Graphics, I like Dinner Dash as well!!!! =D

    Till then,


  14. 31st October 2010 
    12:22 am         

    LCD Protector :
    said the following:

    TV stands using steel frames are the strongest stuff that you can use`

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