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Clear Vision 2 – Download

12 Aug 2008 | Flash, Shooting |  9 comments

If you played the original Clear Vision flash game, then you might probably be interested in the sequel of the Clear Vision flash game, Clear Vision 2. Find out if the sniper assassin protagonist – Jake manages to exact vengeance upon the killer of his parents.

Download Clear Vision 2 (File Size ~ 9.16 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: clear-vision-2.zip

Clear Vision 2 – Title Menu – Background
Clear Vision 2
At the title menu, click background to learn more about the protagonist – Jake and the antagonist whose name is still not known. Controls are still the same. Click start to begin.

Clear Vision 2 – Inbox
Clear Vision 2
Peter Parker? Red hair brunette ex-wife? Spiderman and Mary Jane, anyone?

Clear Vision 2 – Brunette
Clear Vision 2
Target in sight, click to gun down the target!

Clear Vision 2 – Jake’s Apartment
Clear Vision 2
Like Clear Vision, you will return to your apartment upon completion of a mission.

Clear Vision 2 – Kitchen
Clear Vision 2
No more television news, though the newspaper is still available for reading.

Clear Vision 2 – Daily News
Clear Vision 2
The newspaper seems to be a bit simplified now.

Clear Vision 2 – Mary Jane kicks the bucket!
Clear Vision 2
Blah blah blah young woman shot to death now go and check your email.

Clear Vision 2 – Office
Clear Vision 2
This is your office, now click on the monitor to see Peter Parker emailed you.

Clear Vision 2 – Inbox
Clear Vision 2
Peter Parker emailed you all right, and boy, is he happy to hear that Mary Jane is dead!

Clear Vision 2 – New Jobs
Clear Vision 2
Seems like you have new jobs, click on the new message to accept the new task.

Clear Vision 2 – Head Shot!
Clear Vision 2
As usual, aim for the head, and watch the blood flying all over the place.

Deimos’s Daily Reads
Check out some screen shots and commentary of the movie – Saw 2, courtesy of levian.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Much more cinematic cut scenes, it definitely feels like an interactive flash movie now.

Deimos Asks
Do you know any friends that faint at the sight of blood?


  1. 12th August 2008 
    10:43 am         

    said the following:

    stickman !!
    i find guys to be more afraid of the sight of blood ??
    my brother in law freaked when he saw blood.
    making him numb.

  2. 13th August 2008 
    2:20 pm         

    said the following:

    What if it is his own blood?

  3. 13th August 2008 
    4:47 pm         

    said the following:

    same thing,
    just that he can’t run away like he usually does.

  4. 13th August 2008 
    7:48 pm         

    said the following:

    My leg will feel weak at the sight of the blood… is that counted? 😛

    But my blood is okay :mrgreen: