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Classifieds @ Malaysiakini.com

21 Nov 2007 | Personal |  1 comment

While rummaging through my gmail inbox, I stumbled upon an old email with a link to malaysiakini.com, so I browsed it and found out that they have a classified sub domain, thus I browsed their classifieds.malaysiakini.com sub-domain and discovered that they have a “Malaysiakini Classified WordPress Plugin” thingie.

Instructions and download link can be found in the above url, or just download the plugin directly via this link, install and activate.

Basically, you just type out your blog entry and publish as usual, but if you want your blog entry to be “published” onto classifieds.malaysiakini.com as well, you can do so by just enabling the options under the “Classifieds” section.

The “Category” option is “– NONE –” by default, click on it to choose from a variety of categories such as General, Business, Computer and Software, Domestic Helpers, Food and Entertainment, Property, Events etc.

The “State” option seems to be “WP Kuala Lumpur” by default, you can choose from all the states of Malaysia.

I have just tested it out with this post about a 5-storey medium low cost apartment units for sale in Bandar Country Homes, Rawang. However, I have yet to see my classified ad appear in their listing yet. Perhaps they need to manually review it first, before approving the classified ad posting?

Oh by the way, they have a nice looking poser girl at the bottom right corner of their site.

Cute? Pretty? Yeah? :oops:

One Comment

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  1. 6th March 2009 
    8:09 pm         

    meeting rooms
    said the following:

    Thanks for the post. I’ll get my hand on one of them.Thanks