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Cactus McCoy – Download

9 Oct 2011 | Action, Flash |  1 comment
Cactus McCoy Cactus McCoy – Flash Games Download – Overview
Play the role of some guy named McCoy who somehow became a human cactus in this Cactus McCoy side scrolling platformer action flash game in which the full anme is actually Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns. McCoy was tasked to find some cactus artifact but was cursed by it instead.

Download Cactus McCoy (File Size ~ 6.42 MB)
Download the ZIP archive cactus-mccoy.zip from :
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Cactus McCoy – Title Menu
Cactus McCoy
Sure is a bright and colorful looking title menu. So what would you do if you became a cactus?

Cactus McCoy – Introduction!
Cactus McCoy
McCoy was paid to find some cactus artifact but somehow got himself cursed instead.

Cactus McCoy – Move!
Cactus McCoy
Use arrow keys to move around. No standard WASD for movement controls though. Bummer!

Cactus McCoy – Jump!
Cactus McCoy
You jump around with the “A” key and yes you will be jumping around very often in this game.

Cactus McCoy – Attack!
Cactus McCoy
Punch or swing weapon with the “S” key and yes you will be attacking very often too.

Cactus McCoy – Shoot?
Cactus McCoy
To shoot projectiles you need to pick up a ranged weapon before you can actually shoot.

Cactus McCoy – Action!
Cactus McCoy
Yes, you can actually uproot live cacti and them use them to bash your enemies silly!

Cactus McCoy – Punch!
Cactus McCoy
If you cannot find a weapon for McCoy remember you can always punch them till hey drop!

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    8:55 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
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    Download links have been updated!