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Bubble Tanks 2 – Download

5 Aug 2008 | Action, Flash, Shooting |  9 comments

Played the original Bubble Tanks and enjoyed much? Looking forward to download the sequel – Bubble Tanks 2? Well, the period in which it is exclusive to Armor Games is over and yes, you can download an offline version of it and play it in your local hard drive now.

Download Bubble Tanks 2 (File Size ~ 1.47 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: bubble-tanks-2.zip

Bubble Tanks 2 – Pre-Loading Screen
Bubble Tanks 2
If you play Bubble Tanks 2 online, this is the screen you will encounter while the swf file is being downloaded into your browser’s cache. The empty box above will serve some ads while the download is yet to be completed. Click the “Click to Play” button to continue.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Exclusive Content
Bubble Tanks 2
Exclusive content is not available in the offline version. Bummer.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Arena Mode
Bubble Tanks 2
No arena mode in the offline version, go and visit armorgames.com for that.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Arena Mode
Bubble Tanks 2
Kinda like an arcade mode or something like that. Deimos can live without it.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Bubble-O-Pedia
Bubble Tanks 2
You can check out the many types of enemy bubble tanks in here.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Tutorial
Bubble Tanks 2
Like the original Bubbles Tanks, there are tutorial messages to guide new players.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Tutorial
Bubble Tanks 2
A new addition is the bubbles progress bar at the bottom, so you will know how many more bubbles you must collect before you will evolve into the next stage.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Tutorial
Bubble Tanks 2
If your bubble tank has grown very big, it might be hard to avoid incoming projectiles.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Tutorial
Bubble Tanks 2
Purple bubble attacks will not hurt you, but will slow you down.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Tutorial
Bubble Tanks 2
It is better to clear the bubble fields near the starting bubble field first, in order to level up your basic bubble tank into some thing more powerful before venturing forth.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Upgrade
Bubble Tanks 2
Let’s give Heavy #1 a try and see how it feels like to be a heavy bubble tank.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Heavy Bubble Tank
Bubble Tanks 2
Quite big all right, but not exactly ready to face a horde of fast moving bubble tanks.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Pause – Stats
Bubble Tanks 2
Press “p” to pause the game and check out your stats.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Pause – Map
Bubble Tanks 2
With the game paused, you can check out the map as well. Do take note that the above bubble fields progression is not really recommended.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Upgrade
Bubble Tanks 2
Balanced Heavy #1 or Heavy #2? Let’s give Heavy #2 a try and see how it looks like.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Heavy #2
Bubble Tanks 2
Bigger, badder. Wide shot, mines. Definitely feels more powerful now.

Bubble Tanks 2 – Secondary Ability
Bubble Tanks 2
The tutorial message pops up again, in case you dunno about the “space” key.

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Deimos’s Thoughts
Nowadays, it appears that more and more flash games resorted to having exclusive content available only on certain flash game portals, such as kongregate, armorgames, crazymonkeygames etc. This is probably due to the flash game developers receiving sponsorship from the flash game portals. Personally, Deimos finds this to be an annoying trend and believes that puting up a donation button link is a much better option. The flash game players who are generous and happy with the flash game might be happy to donate to the author of the flash game.

Deimos Asks
What do you think about flash games having exclusive content only available on certain flash game portals? Like? Dislike? Simple do not care?


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  1. 6th August 2008 
    6:34 am         

    said the following:

    This one is better than the original…….. must try it….

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  3. 6th August 2008 
    11:00 am         

    said the following:

    i had trouble with the first.
    more like .. no direction or target to reach.
    swimming in the wide sea .. blindly.

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  5. 14th August 2008 
    2:31 pm         

    said the following:

    Nice game Deimos… gonna download it and I think it is a must play game. I love the theme, blue and I love the color.

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  7. 6th July 2009 
    2:10 am         

    said the following:

    wasnt that pink haired chick in a hentai game???

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  9. 21st December 2009 
    6:12 am         

    said the following:

    can you make the games to be on the actual website version?

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  11. 4th June 2010 
    2:10 am         

    said the following:

    When I downloaded bubble tanks 2 I tried to use it but it did not work and when I told it to find the correct program it did not do anything so I chose a program I think will work and it still did not work what program am I supposed to use.

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  13. 31st October 2010 
    9:16 pm         

    said the following:

    now..arena mode can play offline!!!
    just go to arena mode and click control > step forward for 2 times
    have fun ^^”

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  15. 23rd December 2010 
    12:43 pm         

    said the following:

    to bad i cant use the ghost sniper 🙁

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  17. 5th January 2011 
    2:33 pm         

    Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5 – Download | ahkong.net
    said the following:

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