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Braid – Download

21 Jan 2012 | Casual, Indie, PC, Strategy |  1 comment
Braid Braid – Overview
Title: Braid
Genre: Strategy, Indie, Casual
Developer: Number None
Publisher: Number None
Release Date: 11 Apr 2009
Metascore: 90/100

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Braid – Title Menu!
Braid seems to be a flash game. A very well developed and polished one too.

Braid – Action!
There are a few world in Braid and lots of levels, puzzles in them to complete! Challenging!

Braid – Puzzle!
Find puzzle pieces in the levels and try to complete the puzzle. You cannot die by the way.

Braid – Princess!
It seems like the protagonist is trying to find some princess but she is not here. Bummer!

Braid – Story!
It seems that Time the main character of this game left the princess and now he regrets it.

Braid – Boss!
There are boss fights though this is basically a side scrolling puzzle game. Kill the boss!

Braid – Key!
Keys are needed to unlock doors. You can reverse the time to get the keys too.

Braid – Princess?
Unfortunately the princess is not here too. Perhaps all puzzle pieces must be found first?

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