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Bloons: Player Pack 5 – Download

13 Jul 2009 | Flash, Skill |  5 comments
Bloons: Player Pack 5 Bloons: Player Pack 5 – Flash Games Download – Overview
Bloons: Player Pack 5 is the latest and final official player pack compiled by the developers of the original Bloons. Previous released player packs include Bloons: Player Pack 1, Bloons: Player Pack 2, Bloons: Player Pack 3 and Bloons: Player Pack 4. Ready to pop more player made Bloons levels?

Download Bloons: Player Pack 5 (File Size ~443.46 KB)
Download the ZIP archive: bloons-player-pack-5.zip

Bloons: Player Pack 5 – Title
Bloons: Player Pack 5
Seems like this player pack was released during Christmas. Merry Bloons-mas?

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Deimos’s Thoughts
This is the last official player pack for the Bloons skill flash games. No more.

Deimos Asks
Are you fed up of seeing Bloons everyday already?


  1. 13th July 2009 
    8:51 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    Yes. After your question yesterday, I thought that you will change!

  2. 14th July 2009 
    1:11 am         

    Cash Back
    said the following:

    Geez the Bloons player packs just keep coming and coming. I think we’re all ready for some new games though.

  3. 14th July 2009 
    2:33 pm         

    said the following:

    this is amazing post.it is very good with different post.

  4. 16th July 2009 
    6:07 pm         

    said the following:

    how do i beat level 27 in bloons player pack 5 (should look like the santa hat)?

  5. 1st December 2010 
    3:21 am         

    said the following:

    this game is so cool