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Bertie the Butcher – Download

24 May 2013 | Action, Flash |  0 comments
Bertie the Butcher Bertie the Butcher – Flash Games Download – Overview
Play the role of some person who goes by the name Bertie in this Bertie the Butcher action flash game. Despite being so categorized as an action game this Bertie the Butcher is actually a stealth game since you need to have Bertie kill his victims in a stealthy manner to avoid any unwanted attention.

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Bertie the Butcher – Title Menu!
Bertie the Butcher
Big fonts, single color background. Such a simple and plain menu!

Bertie the Butcher – Levels! 
Bertie the Butcher
Not sure how many levels are there but you can revisit previous levels.

Bertie the Butcher – Action!
Bertie the Butcher
Move around and kill people. Kill the police or avoid them if you wish to.

Bertie the Butcher – Shop! 
Bertie the Butcher
Earn enough monies to buy new stuffs to kill better! Various upgrades!

Bertie the Butcher – Blood!
Bertie the Butcher
Better clean up all those blood if you do not want them to panic and run about.

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