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Beat Hazard – Download

30 Dec 2012 | Action, Casual, Indie, PC |  Comments Off on Beat Hazard – Download
Beat Hazard Beat Hazard – Overview
Title: Beat Hazard
Genre: Action, Indie, Casual
Developer: Cold Beam Games
Publisher: Cold Beam Games
Release Date: 16 Apr 2010
Metascore: 70/100

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Beat Hazard – Title!
Beat Hazard
This game has insane amount of bright flashing lights so those with special medical conditions should actually avoid this game for good.

Beat Hazard – Menu!
Beat Hazard
Not sure what kind of instruction there would be since the actual game play is very simple.

Beat Hazard – Track! 
Beat Hazard
Just like in Audiosurf you are able to choose an audio file in your computer to play with!

Beat Hazard – Action! 
Beat Hazard
Enemy ships closing in from all directions! Move around and blast them into tiny pieces!

Beat Hazard – Power! 
Beat Hazard
Collect various power ups as they appear to increase your firepower! More power! More!

Beat Hazard – Bomb!
Beat Hazard
Too many enemies to handle? Drop a bomb and blow every thing into tiny pieces! Boom!

Beat Hazard – Score! 
Beat Hazard
Finally cleared the level! Not sure how the rating and scores are calculated though.

Beat Hazard – Rank!
Beat Hazard
Somehow as you play, you will rank up! Keep on playing and keep on ranking up perhaps?

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