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BearBound – Download

5 Jan 2011 | Adventure, Flash |  1 comment
BearBound BearBound – Flash Games Download – Overview
In this BearBound adventure flash game, you play the role of some bear who now has no where to live as the previous home was destroyed by strong winds. Help the bear to find a new place to stay. Duck into shelter when strong winds are blowing and explore around to find a home when it is safe.

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BearBound – Title Menu
Bear does not seems happy as there is no more home to live. Time to find a new home!

BearBound – Shelter!
Strong winds are not healthy and it is best to hide into a shelter before the winds blow.

BearBound – Safe!
Of course, the occupants of the shelter will not be happy and will kick bear out of the shelter.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple, cute and suitable graphics. Simple controls and game play. A unique concept of skill avoid plus adventure game with a cute story.

Deimos Asks
Do you think bears are cute? Yes? No? Why?

One Comment

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  1. 15th January 2011 
    3:08 pm         

    said the following:

    this game is satanic