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Bastion – Download

22 Apr 2012 | Action, Indie, PC, RPG |  1 comment
Bastion Bastion – Overview
Title: Bastion
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Developer: Supergiant Games
Publisher: Warner Bros. Int. Entertainment
Release Date: 17 Aug 2011
Metascore: 87/100

Buy and download Bastion from Steam Store!

Bastion – Title!
Why is this game called Bastion? Play the game to find out why yo! A nice indie game.

Bastion – Menu!
Click on the first menu button “Story” to start a new game or continue a previous game.

Bastion – Base!
This place serves as a base of operations as the kid searches for more cores to bring back.

Bastion – Map!
Travel around various places by flying there! No parachutes needed too! Cool eh?

Bastion – Narrator?
The narrator happens to be the old man back at the base of operations. However, just how can that old man see everything the kid does in order to narrate?

Bastion – Action!
Blast them enemies up good with the musket which is kinda of like a shotgun! Powerful!

Bastion – Shield!
Use the shield to reflect back various projectiles. Them cannons like to shoot stuffs one yo!

Bastion – Hammer!
The hammer is the first melee weapon you will acquire. It is a very powerful weapon too!

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    Why you no deal freebies?