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AudioSurf – Download

29 Dec 2012 | Indie, PC |  Comments Off on AudioSurf – Download
AudioSurf AudioSurf – Overview
Title: AudioSurf
Genre: Indie
Developer: Dylan Fitterer
Publisher: Dylan Fitterer
Release Date: 15 Feb 2008
Metascore: 85/100

Buy and download AudioSurf from Steam Store!

AudioSurf – Title Menu!
Just what kind of game this audio surf is? It is mainly about surfing music! Yes! Surf music!

AudioSurf – Character! 
Choosing a character means choosing the type of game play and difficulty for this game.

AudioSurf – Instructions!
If the text instructions are not enough then perhaps playing the tutorial video will help.

AudioSurf – Path? 
The length of the path depends on the length of the song you chosen to surf! Surf on!

AudioSurf – Action! 
Collect blocks of the same color to score points! Red colored blocks has the most points!

AudioSurf – Surf! 
That red block sure looks big though at this range. Red blocks are kinda rare though.

AudioSurf – Blue?
So many blue colored blocks! If only them were red colored instead of blue! Oh the scores!

AudioSurf – Score! 
In the end the score is so low when compared against others who surfed the same song.

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