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Armor Mayhem – Download

8 Jan 2011 | Action, Flash |  8 comments
Armor Mayhem Armor Mayhem – Flash Games Download – Overview
In the future, a new form of infinite energy has been found and various human factions are fighting over it in this Armor Mayhem action flash game. Game play is similar to first person shooters such as Unreal Tournament except this is in 2D side scrolling and not 3D first person view.

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Armor Mayhem – Title Menu
Armor Mayhem
If you are playing an offline version of this game it is better not to log in and play it offline.

Armor Mayhem – Tutorial
Armor Mayhem
Standard WASD to move around plus mouse to aim and shoot. Nice and convenient!

Armor Mayhem – Action!
Armor Mayhem
If you get killed you will re-spawn so no worries there and your AI controlled team mates will revenge for you too. Well, if they are good. Otherwise they will get killed as well.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple style but nice and suitable graphics feel overall. Simple controls and fun side scrolling action game play. Fans of 3D first person shooters such as Unreal Tournament may enjoy this.

Deimos Asks
Played Arcane: The Armor Collector or Raze before? How does this one feel and compare?


  1. 16th January 2011 
    4:49 pm         

    said the following:

    this is a cool game.
    n the graphic is good too.

  2. 5th February 2011 
    1:28 am         

    im always right
    said the following:

    lame doesnt even work

  3. 1st March 2011 
    10:37 am         

    said the following:

    dude this game is amazing. it has a wonderful feel to it and it is really fast paced. I can see how you say its kinda like UT and i agree it is kinda like ut but this is a awesome 2d version lolz. only wish you could be a color other than red but other than that it is the best flash game iv ever played

  4. 27th July 2011 
    8:23 pm         

    said the following:

    this game is super duper coooooooooooollllllllll

  5. 22nd January 2012 
    1:10 am         

    said the following:

    This the the most attractive game ever thought of !!!!!!!

  6. 25th January 2012 
    11:32 am         

    said the following:

    hmm…a close second to raze and raze 2. i kinda perfer raze 2 but i will give any game a shot.

  7. 6th April 2012 
    10:30 am         

    said the following:

    i have noticed that sometimes it wont run on some computers i do not know why

  8. 23rd December 2012 
    1:57 am         

    said the following:

    I swear I really like the game is very nice super-

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