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AlphaBounty – Download

18 Aug 2008 | Action, Flash, Shooting |  4 comments

Does piloting a gun ship, earning money by shooting down aliens, buying upgrades etc interest you? Then you ought to check out this AlphaBounty flash game, where you play the role of a … Bounty Hunter? Shooting down various aliens for money, upgrading weapons and ship to be more effective at killing aliens. Die alien scums, die!

Download AlphaBounty (File Size ~ 8.62 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: alpha-bounty.zip

AlphaBounty – Title Menu
A number of advanced graphics options can be turned on or off via the options menu, if you have a decent computer, just set everything to high and click the big play button to begin.

AlphaBounty – Shop – Weapons
You start off with a basic gun, earn more money to buy better ones later on.

AlphaBounty – Shop – Hull
Move the cursor to the upside down red question mark to find out what the buttons do.

AlphaBounty – Shop – Rockets
When you can afford it, buy some rockets to blow up more alien scum!

AlphaBounty – Action!
Gun down them aliens! Don’t get hit by the green goo!

AlphaBounty – Boss!
Alien boss! More green goo! Avoid! Shoot back! Gun down the big bad alien boss!

AlphaBounty – New Area
Is this a new area? Or simply the sun has gone down?

AlphaBounty – Game Over!
If your hull’s hit points got reduced to zero or less, it means game over. No continues.

Deimos’s Daily Reads
Bargain hunter Nicole Price shared with us some good tips on how to save effectively.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Too bad it is side scrolling from left to right. Deimos much prefers a top down shooter than a side scrolling one. It gets easier to die later on if you do not buy a bigger ship.

Deimos Asks
Do you think alien forces will come and invade earth one day?


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  1. 18th August 2008 
    6:44 pm         

    said the following:

    i wanna see a real life alien !!
    all those science fiction films makes me rather curious ..
    *snooping around*

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  3. 18th August 2008 
    7:05 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    I would rather be a real life bounty hunter and make some money! Any way, seems to be quite an interesting game.

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  5. 18th August 2008 
    10:56 pm         

    said the following:

    I don’t believe that in this galaxy there is only us earthlings………. unless we are living in a Matrix, then I have nothing to say lar…

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  7. 20th August 2008 
    11:56 pm         

    said the following:

    contact, people,
    i want contact !!