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Aether – Walkthrough

14 Dec 2008 | Flash, Walkthrough |  3 comments
Aether Walkthrough Aether – Walkthrough – Overview
An Aether walkthrough, for those dunno how to beat the puzzles in the various planets of this cute little Aether physics based flash game. Screen shots of the ending is also available for those who do not wish to play through the game to see the ending.

Aether – Walkthrough – Planet List
Aether Walkthrough
Green – Debrasa | Pink – Gravida | Dark Blue – Malaisus | Yellow – Bibulon | Blue – Earth

Click on the above planets to jump to the walkthrough for that planet respectively.

Complete the puzzles on any of the four (4) planets in any order you like, then swing back to planet Earth when you have solved all the puzzles on all four (4) planets.

Aether – Walkthrough – Green Planet – Debrasa (List)
Aether WalkthroughAether Walkthrough
1. The gravity over here is quite strong so remember that when trying to swing around.
2. Swing up and find the little moon shooting out beams as shown in the right image.
3. Stick your tongue onto it and circle swing around it a few times until it explodes.
4. There are a total of 4 little moons that you need to circle swing and destroy.
5. Please take note that only one (1) will show up at a time.

Aether – Walkthrough – Pink Planet – Gravida (List)
Aether WalkthroughAether Walkthrough
1. Move around until you find the mouth of the planet, drop down into the core inside.
2. There will be lots of crystals above as shown in the right image.
3. Swing from crystal (marked “x” in the right image) to crystal, without touching the core.
4. The grapple sound effect will intensify if you are doing it correctly.
5. Once you have completed a circle, the screen will flash.

Aether – Walkthrough – Dark Blue Planet – Malaisus (List)
Aether WalkthroughAether Walkthrough
1. Hold “S” to submerge into the water.
2. Eat the little fishes (marked “f” in the right image), there are 9 of them.
3. Leave the big fish (marked “X” in the right image) alone.

Aether – Walkthrough – Yellow Planet – Bibulon (List)
Aether WalkthroughAether Walkthrough
1. Swing up and find four (4) moons.
2. Stand onto them to make them crash down.

Aether – Walkthrough – Blue Planet – Earth (List)
Aether Walkthrough
Swing back to plant Earth when you have completed the puzzles on all four (4) planets!

Aether – Walkthrough – Ending (List)
Aether WalkthroughAether Walkthrough
Aether WalkthroughAether Walkthrough
Aether WalkthroughAether Walkthrough
Here is the ending for those who do not want to finish them game by themselves.

Deimos’s Daily Reads
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Deimos’s Thoughts
Cute little game, the puzzles are not that hard once you know what to do.

Deimos Asks
Have you completed this cute physics based puzzle game Aether yet?


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  1. 22nd March 2009 
    10:55 pm         

    said the following:

    wooow thanx I love it I was having truble with the green level thanx I really loved the game even it was kinda depresive tho

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  3. 4th June 2009 
    7:24 am         

    said the following:

    i can not find the fourth moon on the yelow planet its not there very fun and cute game tho 😈

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  5. 15th December 2012 
    10:40 pm         

    Bob The Sly
    said the following:

    The 4th moon is hidden among the clouds quick further out then the other 3 moons I had found.