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Mobile phones and Flash Games

11 Feb 2010 | Miscellaneous |  10 comments
Mobile phones Mobile phones and Flash Games – Overview
This is a short article about Mobile phones and how relates to Flash Games, what Deimos thinks about Mobile phones and Flash Games, etc and all. Could Flash Games be played on Mobile phones? What kind of Mobile phones are suitable to play Flash Games? Find out more in this short article.

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Danger: Dont charge ur mobile whole night and dont keep it near by

12 Nov 2007 | Miscellaneous |  3 comments

Disclaimer: I do not claim authorship for the following article. All articles posted under category “Email Forwards” are email forwards that I received from time to time.

Obviously the battery is not original!!!

Dear All ,

Don’t charge ur mobile whole night and

don’t keep it near by !

Send it to someone u care !!!


Phone Exploded – Messed up bed!
phone exploded

Phone Exploded – What a mess!
phone exploded

Phone Exploded – Messed up fingers!
phone exploded

Phone Exploded – Major fuck up!
phone exploded