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iPhone @ RM 2,700 per unit

4 Dec 2007 | Shop |  28 comments

iPhone @ RM 2,700.00 per unit
iPhone @ RM 2,300.00 RM 2,700.00 per unit
Brand New iPhones directly from US up for grabs priced at RM 2,300.00 RM 2,700.00 per unit, please contact me if interested. Leave a comment below if one has any questions.
Deimos Says
– We are offering a service to provide the iPhone to you as it is
– This means we are not offering any after sales service
– Like, no warranties or guarantees and the likes
– In return, we ask for cash upon delivery of the iPhone
– However if you are comfy with wiring in the funds to us first, we accept
– The iPhones are legal and DIRECTLY brought in from USA
– Subject to stock availability
– Limited units available at the moment
– Preferable for transactions in Klang Valley only
– For outstations transactions, we require cash up front first, terribly sorry
– Additional fees for courier services would be included
– Price is negotiable if one is really interested
– Use the comments form below for any further enquiries
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