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Portal: The Flash Version Guide – Level 36

24 Dec 2007 | Flash, Portal: The Flash Version |  24 comments

Portal: The Flash Version Guide
Tutorial : How to beat Portal: The Flash Version – Level 36

Skipped a few initial basic screenies, but one should know how to achieve the above steps right?

Just get onto the box like thingie in the middle, shoot a portal (blue portal) on to the far side of the vertical face of the wall, wait for the moving platform to approach, shoot another portal (yellow) underneath oneself, exit from the other portal (blue portal) and onto the moving platform, quickly move a few steps back and aim up.

Shoot another portal (yellow portal) as illustrated above through the narrow tunnel, immediately run through (run, not jump) the portal to one’s right (blue portal) and come out dropping from the portal (yellow portal) above.
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