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Diablo 2 Mod – Eastern Sun

18 Nov 2007 | PC |  13 comments

Alternatively, click here to jump straight to the features of Eastern Sun, a Diablo 2 Modification, if one does not wish to read my thoughts regarding Hellgate : London, Mythos and Eastern Sun, a Diablo 2 Modification.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Have been playing Hellgate : London for some time, and I kinda got sick of the bugs and random server disconnects, crashes to desktops for no bloody good reason. After watching the video preview and gameplay review of Mythos which I blogged about in this post, another online action RPG PC game by Flagship Studios, I got that nostalgic feeling and made me wanna play Diablo 2 again.

One main factor for me to try out Diablo 2 again, is that while browsing the the official US / EU Hellgate : London forums, I came across a post in which a fellow player commented: “If wanna play Diablo 2 again, play it with the Eastern Sun mod.”

I recalled having played such a Diablo 2 mod before, quite a long time ago though. I did not continue to play that mod much, since online play was not readily available, i.e. the official battle.net does not support mods.

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